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webee-world - Website Rules and Regulations


Welcome to the Webee-World website!!!

Webee-World (a site name used by Jumboard ltd.) is a special activities site containing unique and diverse content, which was developed under the professional supervision of educational consultants and includes a parents' corner, which allows the monitoring and control of the users' accomplishments on the site. The site makes use of innovative technology which enables young children to access the Internetworld of games and activities, and contributes to the developmentof their capabilities (hereinafter: “the “Site” or “Site”). Use ofthe Site is contingent upon approval of the terms and conditions set forth in Webee-World's Articles and inthe Site's rules and regulations.

By approving these rules and regulations, which constitute an agreement to use the Site, you are granting your consent to register your child onthe Site andto receive access to the services provided through it, all subject to the terms and conditions setforth below:

1.         Terms of Use

1.1       The terms of use relate equally to both genders, and use of the masculine gender is solely for reasons of convenience.

1.2       The terms of use regulate the relationship between Webee-World and all of the users of the Site and/or the users of Webee-World’s services (hereinafter: the “Users of the Site”).

1.3       If you do not consent to the terms of use, you may not make any use of the Site.

1.4       Webee-World reservesthe right, atanytime,to update and modify the terms of use ofthe Site in its sole discretion, and without being required to give any prior notice to the Users ofthe Site.

2.         The Site and the Services

2.1       Use of the activities, games and the content situated on the Site shall be made after purchasing a special patent-protected keyboard for young children, which shall be provided together with a unique password, which you need to key in forthe purpose of registration and use of the Site.

 2.2       In the course of registration to the Site, Users ofthe Site are required to provide registration details which aretrue, precise, up-to-date and complete, and to save the registration details, and to promptly update them in order to guarantee that they are precise, up-to-date and complete.

2.3       Users ofthe Site undertake to keep confidential and securethe password and any other information, security or access used bythem in orderto accessthe Site. Webee-World recommends that when you are choosing a username and password, do notuse your own personal information (such as your real name, your phone number, your date of birth, your address or any other information that would allow othersto identify you orto discover your password).

2.4       Users ofthe Site confirm tha tthey are using the service solely fortheir own personal needs, and undertake not to allow others to make use ofthe services through their own confidential subscription details, includingthe password.

3.         Availability of the Site

            3.1       The availability of the Site and the services depends, inter alia, onthe proper functioning ofthe Internet and the services of various providers, including infrastructure providers, content providers, clearing providers, etc. Webee-World shall use its best endeavors to allow the proper functioning and high availability ofthe Site, however, it does not undertake that the Site and the services, in whole or in part, shall be available all of the time.

            3.2       From time to time, minimal hardware and software requirements may be published onthe Site, for use ofthe Site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Webee-World does not undertake thatuse of the service shall be without interruptions, available atalltimes, free from errors, secured and appropriate for the users' requirements. In addition, Webee-World does not undertake to repair every defector failure inthe service. 

            3.3       Webee-World may disconnect, restrictand cease the provision ofthe services atanytime, including, but without derogating from the need to perform maintenance or set-up actions inthe systems used by Webee-World, attimes of a national emergency or for reasons of national security.

            3.4       Webee-World is entitled to modify, as it may wish and from time to time,the design, appearance and structure ofthe Site,the scope and availability ofthe services, and any other aspect entailed therein, all withoutbeing required to give prior notice in this regard to the user.

            3.5       The services at Webee-World are offered to the user "as is". Webee-World is not obligated in any manner to adjust the services and/or the Site to suit the needs of any person and/or user.

4.         Proprietary Rights

            4.1       All of the materials, contentand services which appear on the Site and which are provided by Webee-World, including texts, applications, databases, pictures, photographs, graphics, drawings, video, audiovisual works, scripts, logos, trademarks, service marks, configuration, design, user interface, software, information, functions, computer games, dialogue, ideas, concepts, proposals, stories, screenplays, music, transcripts, voice recordings, profiles, displays, shows and other similar materials contained on the Site belong and are reserved to Webee-World and/or third parties which have granted a user license therein to Webee-World, and they are protected by copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, service marks, patents, designs or other proprietary rights, whether registered or not (hereinafter: the “Intellectual Property”). All of the Intellectual Property rights are the sole property of Webee-World or the parties which have granted Webee-World an exclusive license for this purpose, unless otherwise expressly stated.

            4.2       Users may not copy, make use for the purpose of any profit,transfer, distribute, reproduce, presentin public, make any commercial use of and/or submit to any third party the Intellectual Property and/or any part thereof, except subject to receiptof prior, written permission from Webee-World.

5.         Declarations and Undertakings of the User

            5.1       The user hereby declares and undertakes to Webee-Worldtha the shall not misuse Webee-World’s services, including:

                        5.1.1    The commission of an actor deed which are prohibited pursuant to any law.

                        5.1.2    The hacking of material and/or computer files unlawfully.

                        5.1.3    Distribution of a computer virus and/or worm.

                        5.1.4    Any use of or disruption to other computers – in contravention ofthe Computer Law, 5755 – 1995.

                        5.1.5    Thetransfer of the details of his account on the Site to any other person, without Webee-World’s prior, written consent.

                        5.1.6    Any use that could cause damage or disruption and/orthe restriction of use ofthe services by Webee-World and/or others.

                        5.1.7    Any usethat could constitute an infringementor violation of proprietary and other rights of others, including, but without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, infringement of copyrights,trademarks,trade names, designs and patents, etc.

                        5.1.8    The sending of notices by e-mailtothe users in such a manner that causes complaints by the recipients thereof or in contravention of the generally accepted code of conduct ont he Internet.

6.         Indemnity

            The user declares and undertakes to Webee-World that he shall indemnify Webee-World, its officers, managers, shareholders, employees, agents and representatives immediately upon receiptofthe first demand to do so, in respect of any damage and/or loss and/or expense (whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen), including legal costs which shall be caused to Webee-World and/or to anythird party as a consequence of use made bythe user and/or made through the user of the Site and/or of Webee-World’s services.

7.         Disconnection or Cessation of the Services to the User

            7.1       Without derogating from that stated in the other sections of the terms of use, Webee-World may block and/or restrict and/or cease the provision of the services to the user, upon the  satisfaction of one or more of the conditions setforth above 

                        7.1.1    The user has committed or is committing an action or use which is prohibited pursuant to the terms of service as setforth above.

                        7.1.2    The user has made or is making use which is causing or could cause a disruption to the provision of the services to any entity.

                        7.1.3    The user has made or is making use ofthe Site or of the services in a manner that constitutes a civil or criminal wrong.

                        7.1.4    In Webee-World’s sole discretion, there is a reasonable concern of the satisfaction of one of the conditions set forth in this section.

            7.2       The disconnection of the user does not require prior not ice to the user or confer there on the right to receive any compensation. The blocking, cessation or restriction of the services to the user, as aforesaid, shall not derogate from the user's obligation to act at all times in accordance with the set terms of use. A user who shall be disconnected and/or blocked by Webee-World may not, in the future, make use ofthe Site and/or of any of the services of Webee-World, even if he seeks to act under a differente-mail address.

8.         Use of Information and Privacy Protection

            8.1       The user hereby confirms tha the is aware that use of the Site may include supervision and monitoring of his activities on the Site, and he hereby grants his consent that Webee-World will be able to perform supervision and monitoring of his use of the services (including through "cookies" and similar means) and to make use of all the information, as aforesaid, forthe purpose of control and/or supervision and/or development and/or maintaining the quality of the services,the level and good and proper condition thereof and/or for the purpose of complying with the provisions of any law. Without derogating from the foregoing, Webee-World shall be entitled:

            8.2       To submit the user’s details to a third party for the purpose of the collection of funds due to Webee-World from the users in respect of the services, provided that the third party undertook to protect the confidentiality of the information which shall be submitted thereto in connection with the user.

            8.3       To submi tthe user’s details to another or to others pursuant to a lawful authority. 

            8.4       To make use ofthe user’s details and other information possessed by Webee-World in connection with the user, for Webee-World’s purposes. 

9.         Consent to Receive Advertising Messages

            You hereby confirm that Webee-World may send you from time to time advertising messages in accordance with the provisions of the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) (AmendmentNo. 40) Law, 5768 – 2008.

10.       Payment

            Use of Webee-World’s Site or of the services entails payment for the purchase of the basic package which allows use of the Site, and also for downloading educational software and additional softwareto allow additional use of the Site.

11.       Limitation of Liability

            In additionto any stipulation of specific limitation of liability which appears in the terms of service or in any law, Webee-World restricts its liability to the user and/orto any third party as setforth below:

            11.1     Webee-World is not liable to the user and/or to any third party in respect of any direct, consequential or related damage arising from the use of the service or lack of ability to make use of the service.

            11.2     Webee-World is not liable for the completeness, safety and security ofthe end-user equipment of the user and/or for the services of third parties.

            11.3     Should the services include links to sources and/or databases, services and contentsites of others.

            11.4     Webee-World is notliable for the content and/or for the services and/or for the products provided by other entities or sites to which the link leads, and it does not recommend, grant sonsorship to or support the contents and/or services offered by others, and it is not liable in any manner for the veracity, precision, validity or completeness thereof, or the quality of the performance thereof or any transaction which the user may sign with these entities.

            11.5     In this section, "Webee-World" – includes its managers, employees, shareholders, agents, representatives and any entity on its behalf.

12.       Limitation of Use

            Webee-World’s Site is intended solely for personal use and not for commercial and/or wholesale uses, unless otherwise expressly stated. The user is not permitted to make any changes to the Site or to the content of the Site, and he is also not permitted to copy, distribute, present, advertise, sell and/or make any commercial use ofthe Site, whether with or without payment. The user may not make any commercial and/or other use of the information situated in Webee-World's databases, which is not consistent with these rules and regulations. The user may make personal use only of the services of the Site and may not allow others to make use of the services and/or may not submit to others his own confidential subscription details (including the password).

13.       Assignment of Rights and Obligations

            Webee-World may, atanytime, assign and transfer to another all of its obligations and rights, including the right to collect funds. The user may not assign his rights to others.

14.       Jurisdiction and Governing Law

            This Agreement shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. The sole and exclusive place of jurisdiction for all purposes pertaining to this agreement and use of Webee-World’s Site and services rests with the competent courts in the district of Tel Aviv Jaffa only.

15.       Jumboard Makes Returns Easy!

Items purchased from the Webee-World Online Store can be returned for refund within 30 days of the date of purchase, as long as the product has not been used and is in its original packaging. When returning merchandise, please repack the item(s) you are returning in the original shipping box or a similar box. Then circle the item(s) being returned on the enclosed packing slip and send this along with the return. Please keep a copy of the packing slip for your records. .

NOTE: A print-out of your order confirmation email may be substituted for the packing slip. .

Occasionally we offer special promotions such as “buy 2, get 1 free.” If you would like to return merchandise purchased as part of a promotion, you must also return the free item in order to receive a full refund. Any item that is returned without the promotional item(s) that was included with the original transaction will have the value of the promotional item deducted from the refund amount. If you do not include the packing slip or order confirmation email with your return, or if we receive the merchandise after the 30-day return period, a credit will not be issued and your merchandise will be returned to you. Refunds for merchandise will be issued to the original form of payment at the billing name and address on the original order. .

NOTE: Shipping charges are not refundable. .

We recommend returns be shipped via a method which provides proof of delivery such as UPS, FedEx, or registered mail. Make note of your tracking number for your files. Jumboard is not responsible for items lost during shipping. .

NOTE: We do not accept COD returns. .



Webee warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the hardware shall be free from material defects in material and workmanship for a period of (i) one (1) year from the original date of purchase for Webee (each period is a "Warranty Period"). .

If the product is determined to be materially defective during the Warranty Period, your sole remedy and Webee’s sole and exclusive liability under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the product with a new or refurbished product at Webee’s option. For purpose of this Limited Hardware Warranty and Liability, "refurbished" means a product that has been returned to its original specifications. .

In the event that Webee repairs or replaces your product under warranty, the repair or replacement will remain covered by this warranty for the remainder of the Warranty Period or, where the Warranty Period has expired, for thirty (30) days from the date that the product is returned to you. .

All warranty claims are subject to Webee’s: (i) receipt of notice of a defect within the warranty period; (ii) verification of the existence of the defect in the product; and (iii) receipt of valid proof of the purchase date. .

This warranty is void and will not apply if the product is: .


Modified or tampered with; .

Used for commercial purposes (including rentals); .

Damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, abuse, misuse or other reasons unrelated to defective materials or workmanship .

Immersed in water; .

Damaged by improper service and/or attempted service; .

Damaged such that the serial number is altered, defaced or removed; .

Used in a manner for which it is not designed; .

Purchased from an unauthorized dealer or distributor; or .

Purchased secondhand or from an unauthorized reseller. .

Email to contact the Webee Consumer Service Department about warranty issues. Before returning a product to Webee, notify the Consumer Service Department. If the service representative is unable to solve the problem, you will be provided with instructions as to how to have the product repaired or replaced. If Webee believes that there may be a valid warranty claim and confirms the original date of purchase for the product, Webee will provide you instructions for returning the product. .

You understand and acknowledge that in the event that your return your product for repair, it may become necessary for Webee to provide certain services to your hardware to ensure it is functioning properly. Such services may include the installation of the latest software or firmware updates. You acknowledge and agree that some services could change your current settings, cause a removal of cosmetic stickers, product skins or accessories, cause a loss of data or content or cause some loss of functionality. You should also remove any skins or accessories from your hardware before you send the hardware in for service. Webee is not liable for damages resulting from your failure to comply with the foregoing or any instructions provided to you by Webee. Webee reserves the right to refuse service or void the warranty of any hardware that has been modified or tampered with. .

17. Shipping & Handling Policies

General Shipping Information: .

* No deliveries are made on weekends, holidays or on Christmas Day. .

* Orders received before noon will be shipped the next business day. .

* Orders received on weekends and holidays will be shipped the next business day. .

Shipping: .

Items available for immediate shipment will be delivered within 14-21 business days. .

Shipping Rates: .

Your shipping and handling rates will be calculated at checkout and will be based on product weight and address location. .

You understand and acknowledge that in the event that your return your product for repair, it may become necessary for Webee to provide certain services to your hardware to ensure it is functioning properly. Such services may include the installation of the latest software or firmware updates. You acknowledge and agree that some services could change your current settings, cause a removal of cosmetic stickers, product skins or accessories, cause a loss of data or content or cause some loss of functionality. You should also remove any skins or accessories from your hardware before you send the hardware in for service. Webee is not liable for damages resulting from your failure to comply with the foregoing or any instructions provided to you by Webee. Webee reserves the right to refuse service or void the warranty of any hardware that has been modified or tampered with. .