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Q: What are the basic minimum system requirements?


  • Windows: Chrome, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 2.5
  • Macintosh: Chrome, Safari 3.0.4, Firefox 2.5
  • Broadband internet connection required
  • At least Flash Player 10
  • Monitor Resolution: 1024x768
  • By the way, if you are wondering our Recommended Browser is Chrome – it just works faster



How do I start to play and use Webee?

Q: Where can I find the 10 games that come with the keyboard?

A: All the games are on our site - When you register, you will see a video explaining
     the process, of how to open an account, and you will choose your child’s age.
    We will automatically select 10 appropriate games to for your child’s age group.


Q: What are the steps I need to take to get there?

A: 1. Login to the site with username and password.

    2. Click on "Play!". Webee worlds secure gates will now open for you,
        showing you the various different colored games stands.

    3. Clicking on the blue, yellow or red colored key displays the games that are
        in the chosen game stand. Each screen contains a total of nine games;
        arranged in sets of three games per shelf, there are 3 shelves for each
        game stand. Each new game purchased will be put on the next empty slot
        next to the existing games.

    4. Other games available for purchase are identified by a small movie camera
        symbol, located on the right side of the picture, clicking on the movie camera
        icon will start a demo video explaining the game.




Q: I purchased a game but it’s not showing up as “mine” in the Webee-world .
     What do I do?

A: First, try refreshing your browser by pressing Ctrl + Enter in the address bar.
    If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact our technical support with the details
    of your purchase and your username.


Q: I got a coupon as a gift! Yea! But how do I use it?

A: 1. First, you need to be logged in to the site with your username and password.

    2. Enter to the on-line store. Select the "I have a coupon" option and type in
        the coupon code.

    3. Select the games or the game's package you want.
        Remember: Coupons are good for a single use. Be sure to select games in
        the amount that the coupon is worth, as you cannot return to complete the
        purchase later.

    4. When you are done simply select "Checkout" and confirm your purchase.
        (Yes, you need to do this even if the sum is for a total of 0). If you don’t confirm
        the purchase at Checkout, the games won't be loaded to your account.



Q: There is no reaction when I press the Webee keys.

A: 1. Make sure the keyboard is plugged into the USB on the computer

     2. Please make sure no one is moving the mouse in the playing area. On some
         computers mouse movement while playing could cause the Webee keyboard
         commands to be ignored.


Q: How do I adjust the speech and music levels?

A: There are two buttons on top of the screen. Using the mouse you can adjust the
    volume of speech and music volume separately. Adjust both of them till you get
    the desired intensity level.


Q: How can the children use Webee alone? They don’t know how to type the
     username and password by themselves.

A: when you finish playing with Webee, don’t log out of the system, next time
     the kids return to play they will be able to start playing on their own.


Q: We use to play without typing username and password, suddenly it is asking
     for it. 

A: If anyone cleans out the Browser History you will have to reenter those details
    again.  Exit the browser without "Logging out". Next time you enter the user
    credentials will be saved and you will go directly to the Webee-world.


Q: What does the camera icon located on some of the games signify?

A: Games that have not yet been purchased are marked by a small movie camera
     symbol on the right side, signifying that only demo video will play by selecting
     them, until they are purchased.


Q: How can I switch games in the middle to play another game?

A: Press the green and blue buttons together, this will cause the game to end and
     bring up a screen asking what you would like to do next.


Q: Is it possible to skip the explanations at the beginning of a game?

A: Yes, You can skip the explanations by pressing any key.




Q: How do I switch languages?

A: In the website's home page, you can choose the language you like.
    The website will then be displayed in the language you chose, and the game
    characters speech will also be in the selected language. You can change the
    Languages as many times as you like. This is a great way to teach your child
    concepts in another language.


Q: How do I know which games are age-appropriate for my child?

Q: The games are too easy or too difficult for my child

A: Our pedagogical team has categorized all the games according to the average
     level of knowledge for each age group. The store provides detailed descriptions
     of each game, the corresponding age it is appropriate for; as well as the skills it develops.
     It’s important to remember that not every child will react “by the book”. Some children
     adapt to the computer easily and can therefore be allowed to try games which are
     designated for older children. Other children will hesitate at first and should start with
     easier games.
     If you want to change games, contact us and indicate your username as well as the
     age-group you want.


Q: What are the skills developed by these games?

A: Each game focuses on different skills. The store provides full descriptions of all of them.


Q: How do I expand my collection of games?

A: Games are available in the store in packages of 5, 10, 15, etc. games. Each package
    is specific and provides clear, simple information. We are consistently updating the inventory.
    Parents who join the Parent’s Club receive regular updates about new games when they
    are added to the store.